A superb atmosphere of mediterranean gardening is waiting to visitors and residents at Urbanizacion 'La Alcazaba' in Puerto Banus, near Marbella, Costa del Sol. "Alcazaba" is a morish word that means castle, in fact it's the typical morish castle of southern Spain. This selected housing estate was built in 1980s so not only its hard landscape and ornaments but its planting have reached their maturity nowadays.


Solid brick fountains and waterchannels in pure morish style, creative pavings, curved paths made on concrete that follow '80 construction fashion and relaxing areas that include a swimming pool. And of course a refined planting starring Agave atenuata, Agapanthus, Dracaena dracoChorisia speciosa, Araucaria bidwilliiAloe marlothii and many others. As saying before, one of the most charming value of this beautiful place is its mature planting that offers today a perfect view of a proper Andalusian type garden from late XXth century.

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    Emma (miércoles, 12 febrero 2014 16:39)

    Pero, ¿que es ello, oye?

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    Rodelinda Samara (miércoles, 12 febrero 2014 16:56)

    Dear Mr. Valdeón,

    Many thanks to announce such a wonderful site across your blog. Very beautiful photography. I will wait expectanly for new entries!

    Warmest congratulations for your web site.


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    Noah (jueves, 13 febrero 2014 21:27)

    Animo Jose

    Espero que esas tierras te den lo que te mereces. un besazo desde Dinamarca.

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    Alejandro Valdeón Menendez (jueves, 13 febrero 2014 23:07)

    Preciosas fotos. Espero que esos guiris valoren lo que tienen a su alcance.

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